30-Day Challenge : Day 1

Hello everyone! Today I am starting a new monthly challenge. I love monthly challenges because I am someone who is motivated by staying on track and getting to day 30! 

I will be following The 30-Day Challenge for Single Christian Women, from The Barn Princess. If you are looking for something to help you get on track with journaling, being more spiritually minded, or just more forward thinking in general, this is the challenge for you! 

Day One: Life Verse

Day 1/30 is to find a life verse. The goal is to have it committed to memory by the end of the month. For me, I didn’t have a set life verse before this. I had verses I loved, but I didn’t feel like they helped me where I am at now. So I looked for a verse that met me where I am. 

The verse I chose is Genesis 8:1, “But God remembered Noah and all the livestock that were with him on the ark, and he sent a wind over the earth, and the waters receded.” This verse speaks to me because lately, I feel like I’m in a season where I’m forgotten. I feel like God doesn’t remember me sometimes. I feel like everyone else that I know is doing something amazing in this season, while it’s my season of resting and waiting. I feel like things that used to be easy have become increasingly hard. I feel discouraged, like the waters are rising around me, and that I’ve been left without an Ark. 

But this verse encourages me of the opposite. The first time recently that I read this verse, my eyes were wide. It was such a light bulb moment. I took my whiteboard off my wall, wrote this verse on it, and then wrote the following: if God remembered Noah, he will remember ME! 

That brought me so much encouragement in a time where I felt so alone and forgotten. I can’t even begin to imagine how Noah felt on that Arc. It made me realize that even if we feel forgotten, that God is still God. He is still good no matter how low our view of ourselves is. And it made me realize that I am never ark-less, because God is my Ark. he keeps me afloat through high waters and stormy days.

Another reason that I love this verse is because bible.org reminded me that when the word “remembered” is used in the Bible, it doesn’t mean anything was ever forgotten. “Remembered” usually means that God is taking action on a previous promise. I love that because God will remember me, too. He will always come through when He’s supposed to. He is never late or forgetful. 

Breathe, and believe today that you are unforgettable to God. Remember, when the world makes you feel like you’re nothing special, boring, and completely forgettable, that God found you special, interesting, and wonderful enough to think that the world needed one of you. 🙂




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